Kalyber Joe 3.: Dreamers

Publication date: 2008, only in Hungary.
Format: 62 pages, full-color.

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After the shocking events of the second part, everything becomes more ordinary again. Melancholy and disappointment fill the air.

Kalyber says farewell to his friends, as he plans to continue his life in New York, and stop his studies.

He finally wants to become a comic-book artist. But finding a publisher for his unique material is not that easy.

So he starts to working in a cafe, and -surprisingly- he hates it. The only thing he likes is his workmate, Jenny, but he doesn't even recognise her as a woman. The demons of the past are stilll haunting him.

One of his demons even appear at one dark and rainy day: his recently lost friend, Yorn Kayrah Xemovrah (a.k.a. Kay). He doesn't want to take revenge. He wants Kalyber to help him bring his dream to life; opening his own club in Manhattan.

The two wounded friends slowly recover from their past harms. And help each-other in throwing away their cloak of bitterness at last.

But have all of the demons disappeared for sure? It's a question of the future.

They have a lot of work developing the place. But after all, all the invested powers gain their fruit.

After finally opening their club, Kalyber and Kay accompanied by Hugo, once again find themselves in a swashbuckling adventure, as they travel to Africa in search of the legendary tomb of the Monkey King.

The adventure continues...

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