Kalyber Joe 4.: Angels in Hell part 1 of 2

Publication date: 2009, only in Hungary.
Format: 32 pages, full-color.

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Our heroes are once again going to find their luck, as they travel to Africa in order to quest the mysterious treasure of the Monkey King, with the help of a map wich they found during their work on their pub earlier.

First they are in the deep jungle, encountering wild beasts of the bigger kind... so as smaller ones.

Finally, they find the place the map has shown them. But it seems they've found another map. More exactly: a poem.

The only man who could help them is Habib, an old Egyptan friend of Kay, who's a bit superstitious, so they soon find each other with Hugo...

After discussing the meaning of this riddle, they are up to cross the deepest ocean of sand, the Sahara desert.

The weekend-fun soon turns to be the toughest trip of their life, as they lose their car and equipment, and find themselves alone in the middle of the desert...

Great expectations for the next part...

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