Kalyber Joe 5.: Angels in Hell part 2 of 2

Publication date: 2009, only in Hungary.
Format: 36 pages, full-color.

Read an excerpt here!

As our heroes are lost in the desert, they are getting unsure about why they are there at all. But they are literally lost, so there is not even a chance of turning back.

They have to deal with vultures, deadly thirst, and even a dangerous desert storm crossing their unlucky path.

Kalyber is badly injured. All of them are close to losing their faith. They spend the night in a sandrock cave where they finally decide to forget the Angels thet the poem told them to follow, and get back home somehow – if possible at all.

But the very next morning, they find the truth about angels in hell...

This adventure was a great lesson in the friends' lives. Kalyber decides to go back and finish school.

And will they meet again? Will their paths cross in another deadly adventure? And will their demons ever come to life again?

The questions will be answered soon!

The adventure continues...

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