Kalyber Joe 2.: Rain

Publication date: 2006, only in Hungary.
Format: 50 pages, full-color.

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Kalyber feels it was a terrible mistake to give Mary the mysterious book. In fear of getting her in deadly trouble, Kalyber decides to travel to New York, and catch up with Mary before the masked guy finds her.

But the problems rather than being solved, accumulate. Kalyber and Palma find out that Mary's flat has been broken into.

They meet up with her colleague, Hugo Lemanch (,who is accidently a maniac hipochondriac) and he tells them that Mary has already left to Thailand.

But he also tells them that a strange one-eyed guy was looking for Mary as well, shortly before they came.

They soon find that this guy is working for a secret covenant whose president, Trenton asks the two friends and Hugo to join them in search for Mary.

Because they don't have too many alternatives, they join forces with this organization and fly to the Bandaman isle, where Mary's ship is to be expected to dock for an hour. In the meantime, Kalyber and Kay -the one-eyed biker- realise, that they aren't as different, as they first thought, and they're slowly become unlikely friends.

As they arrive to the island, the adventureous search soon comes to a shocking end. And things get worse than ever expected.

Don't expect any happy ending this time...!

And the rain doesen't stop...

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