Kalyber Joe 1.: The Beginning

Publication date: 2005, only in Hungary.
Format: 55 pages, full-color.

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Kalyber and his friends, Palm, Jamie, Barney are ordinary college students learning to become teachers. This is their last year in school, which is also the the toughest. They have to be students and practicing teachers at the same time.

Kalyber's life becomes more adventureous, when Mary, a charming girl appearrs. She came to show elephants' paintings exhibit in the college.

At this point, everything sounds great, but two of his naughty pupils steal a mysterious ancient book when Kal introduces them the school's old, restricted room library room.

Later the problems are accumulating as a bizarre masked figure appears, to show an interest about the book.

And to top it all, when trying to settle the book case, Kalyber and his friends break the director's love of his life –his one-of-a-kind chinese vase– into tiny pieces.

How willl they survive all this? This issue will give you the answers! The adventure starts here!

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