Kalyber Joe at Stripdagen Haarlem 2010:
the comic-book festival of The Netherlands!

In June 2010, Kalyber Joe proudly represented Hungary at the greatest comics festival of the Netherlands in Haarlem.

The festival's main thematic exhibition reflected on the Eastern-European comics scene. Thus, one artist has been chosen from Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Latvia and -of course- from Hungary.

The festival was spread all around this beautiful city, as the programs, exhibitions and other festival locations took 40 places all-around this picturesqe town.

The exhibition of the 'Eastern-guys' was at Gallery 37, in a lovely street. We arrived there at the 5th of July, and after a long journey, we were enchanted by the look of the scene.

We had a chance to come to know some great artists and comics-lovers. This is so great when this kind of people gather, and being one of them is the top of all.

That weekend a great newspaper of the Netherlands wrote about the festival and about my work, with the headline saying: "The Hungarian version of Indiana Jones". Which is partly true and funny at the same time. Anyway, it makes me proud. :)

I want to say thanks to all the people who worked on this great event, especially to Joost Pollman, who invited me with my work. Kalyber and I were greatly honoured!


Roland Pilcz

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